black kitchen with exposed brick

Modern Kitchen with Character

When we first met with our client to renovate the kitchen in his newly purchased home, we saw just how poorly the space was utilized. The previous owner had removed some walls and added an island, but didn’t make use of the space as you come in the front door.

original kitchen floor plan

The working space of the kitchen was cramped all to one side, with a large open area and angled cabinet at the front door. The oak island had a bar height top and a bulky column hiding a telepost to support the ceiling. All in all, it was pretty inefficient and out of date.

oak and white cabinet kitchen before

Our client had been considering the kitchen for some time, and had begun discussing new layouts with Cupboard Brothers. The vision was to make use of the entire space and update the look. Appliances would be moved, the island would change, and finishes would be updated. The finished look is a gorgeous contrast to the original, with black cabinets, open wood shelving, and a touch of old charm by uncovering an existing brick chimney.

final floor plan for kitchen

In order to complete this look, we had to pull out the existing cabinets and flooring, and also remove a bulkhead near the entrance. Upon removing the bulkhead, we realized there was some structural issues that needed to be addressed. It seems the previous owner had removed load bearing walls without considering how it may affect the structure of the home, and a new beam was needed to prevent further damage.  After fixing this, as well as adjusting the teleposts beneath, we were able to patch the ceiling, install potlights and lay the flooring.

The final look is stunning, and most importantly, functional. Our client loves how it all turned out, and we’ve been working with him on his ensuite bathroom as well!

black geometric pendant light in kitchen

Black and White Kitchen Upgrade

Kitchen Upgrade

We were approached by our customer to upgrade his kitchen in his home with the idea that he might sell in the near future. The original floor plan stayed the same, but we replaced the flooring throughout the main floor with tile and hardwood, updated the fireplace in the living room, and built a new kitchen. The updated colour palette gives this kitchen upgrade a modern look that would be appealing to anyone.

The Before

kitchen upgrade before photo

As you can see, there was a decent amount of oak going on. Since red oak isn’t a trendy colour these days, we removed as much of it as we could, which included baseboards and trim throughout the main floor. The kitchen cabinets were a neutral white, but not very functional. We decided to take the cabinets close to the ceiling, move the microwave into the island, and create a more functional pantry beside the fridge.

Our customer met with a designer at Alford’s to select finishes and flooring for the house. They decided on a solid hardwood for the kitchen, dining, and living areas, and a porcelain tile for the entrance, laundry and half bath.

The After

black geometric pendant light in kitchen

subway backsplash in white kitchen

What a difference, right? The oak is replaced with clean white trim, and a rich granite counter top ties in the black pendants with the white cabinets and back splash.

We also installed new hardwood and tile flooring, plus we removed the hearth and mantle from the fireplace and installed new stacked stone from floor to ceiling.

grey and white stacked stone fireplace

New Fireplace

We used a piece of hardwood to transition from the tile to hardwood, rather than a strip of metal for the den and kitchen area. This requires precision work, and we nailed it!

hardwood installation transition

Precise Transition

Like our other kitchen renovations, we use quality materials and trusted suppliers. We know we can depend on companies like Cupboard Brothers, Alford’s, Richardson’s, McKenna’s, and Sherwin Williams to provide us with the best products and service. Thanks to all!

If you’re thinking of a kitchen upgrade, check out our handy guide on what you should know before you start, then give us a call.

kitchen renovation regina

What You Should Know About Kitchen Renovations

Kitchen Renovations

Are you thinking of renovating your kitchen? Whether you are looking to update it to sell, or to build your dream kitchen, there are a number of things to think about and research before pulling the trigger. Kitchen renovations are notoriously disruptive, so it is a good idea to be fully prepared. Today we will go over our tips to ensure your renovation goes smoothly!

Why renovate?

There’s many reasons to renovate your kitchen, but we will go over two main ones that lead to large kitchen renovations that we are experienced with.

  • Update to sell the house: You will probably want to keep this renovation to a minimum. Instead of gutting the kitchen, you can look at painting or re facing cabinets, changing hardware and plumbing fixtures, and updating light fixtures. Everyone will tell you that this is the most important room of the house and is a huge selling feature, but you want to be careful about how much you spend. Whoever buys the house might decide to blow out walls and make a larger space, and all your hard work is wasted!
  • Update and build your dream kitchen: You’re planning on staying in the house and just can’t stand the sunshine ceiling and red oak cabinets anymore. The space could be used more efficiently if some changes were made to the floor plan, which could mean moving plumbing and electrical or taking down walls. This means brand new cabinetry, counters, flooring, plumbing and even new appliances. You’ll want to think about your must-haves for the space so that you can budget accordingly. Check out our Wascana Kitchen Renovation for a good example of a large kitchen renovation.
kitchen renovations

High end kitchen renovation in character home.

Planning: Research and Budget

Once you have decided what route you are going to take, you can start planning! It’s a good idea to start looking at kitchens in show homes, online on sites like Houzz, and in design magazines so that you know what you want your kitchen to look like. Your contractor and kitchen designer will really appreciate the visuals, and it makes communication very clear. We recommend hiring an interior designer to help with your project, especially if you’re considering major changes to the layout. Interior designers not only work with you to select finishes and colours, but they have experience in space planning and are invaluable in helping you visualize your final design.

Kitchen renovations can cost a lot of money, especially if you’re looking at high end finishes throughout. You can expect to spend at least $25,000 on a kitchen with basic finishes like laminate counter tops and maple cabinets. Does your dream kitchen have tile backsplash, granite counters, and walnut cabinets? You need a bigger budget.

Always keep in mind that like any other home renovation, unknown issues can come up — like a leaky window you had no idea about — that may cost you more than you budgeted. It is a great idea to have a contingency fund.


Your budget will help determine the scope of your project and the types of finishes you can use. When looking at products, you will also want to consider the function of the space and how you use it. Kitchens are high-use areas, so you will want durable materials to stand the test of time.

  • Cabinets: The most popular cabinet type we see is a stained maple in a shaker style. It is cost-effective, comes in a large variety of stains, and has a transitional style that works in modern and traditional designs. We also see a lot of painted cabinets lately, especially white kitchens. When looking at a painted white cabinet, keep in mind that wood will expand and contract, so your kitchen designer may suggest an MDF door, or even thermofoil when you are doing painted white cabinets.
kitchen renovations with custom window bench

White Shaker style cabinets.

  • Counter tops: Granite is still a very popular choice for counters because of its durability, aesthetics, and value. Granite does have some required maintenance, as suppliers will recommend sealing this natural material once the sealant has worn off. Another choice that is rising in popularity is engineered quartz. This man-made material comes in a huge variety of colours and patterns, is very durable and stain resistant, and comes in the same price point as granite. Keep in mind you should never put hot pots directly on quartz as this will damage your counter. Laminate, with brands like Wilsonart and Formica, is a cost-effective material that comes in a variety of patterns and finishes. Other counter top materials, like butcher block, concrete, or tile, all have their own pros and cons, but granite and quartz are by far the most popular.
kitchen renovations tile counter and splash

Tile counter top

  • Flooring: Since the kitchen is such a heavy use area, we recommend using a durable flooring. Porcelain tile is incredibly durable and you can find some great looks at a great price point. Hardwood looks beautiful and can easily be repaired in damaged spots. Products like laminate and vinyl plank are great cost effective alternatives, with better durability than hardwood.
  • Backsplash: The walls in your kitchen need some protection against food splashing by the stove and sink. We think a good tile backsplash really finishes off a kitchen.

The Renovation

Now that you’ve got a plan and some finishes figured out, you’ll want to know the cost and timeline. At Technique, we provide detailed quotes for our customers that are conveniently located on a secure site online. The timeline will depend on the availability of materials, but generally your kitchen should take 6-8 weeks to complete.

Most people plan their kitchen renovation to happen during the summer so that they can make use of their BBQ while the kitchen is under construction. These renovations are very disruptive, but we do everything we can to keep the dust at a minimum and the job site clean so that you can still enjoy your home. As with any renovation, sometimes there can be delays if a material is back ordered or an unknown issue is uncovered during the demolition phase of the project.

kitchen renovations under construction

Kitchen under construction

At the end of the renovation, we do a walk-through with you and schedule an appointment to fix any deficiencies that may have come up. Then, enjoy!

Kitchen renovations are very disruptive, but planning and a good contractor like Technique Construction will make the project run smoothly. If you’re thinking of taking the leap, give us a call today.